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Donovan: viera will adapt

Patrick Vieira has recently become coach of NYC FC after being in charge of Manchester City’s elite development squad. Again, Donovan thinks the Frenchman will have to adjust to the MLS, which as a centralised league has a wage cap and transfer restrictions.Donovan said: “I don’t know him personally. I am speaking as an outsider and I’m not an expert on coaching but I know he has done well at Manchester City. If he surrounds himself with people that can help him adapt and adjust to the rules of the league I think he will do fantastic. I think that’s where a lot of foreign managers have actually not done well in Major League Soccer because it’s not easy.“There are a lot of restrictions. If you want to go and buy three players you can’t just do it. But if he surrounds himself with good people, which he will with Claudio Reyna [the director of football] being there, and perhaps others, then I think he’ll do well.
“Vieira’s move raised a lot of eyebrows. There was always a possibility bec…
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