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Junior Agogo reveals struggles with speech following stroke

Former Ghana striker  has revealed that he is no longer in contact with his former international teammates and friends since he suffered a stroke in 2015.

The 38-year-old in an interview in a BBC Four documentary titled Speechless revealed his troubles with speech following the illness which he says has left him lacking confidence and socially isolated.

The former Nottingham Forest and Bristol Rovers striker suffered the stroke in January 2015 soon after retiring from football, this subsequently led to Aphasia, which severely affects a person’s ability to use language.

“Now nobody gets in touch with me…,” Agogo said amid giggles in the interview.
He explained: “I dunno man because I used to talk to a couple of boys that are in the national team but when the stroke happened they always said no… Because I couldn’t speak”.
The striker speaking with a lisp revealed that he is currently very anxious anytime he has to speak.
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